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Winter '17 Faux Fur Collection

Every collection we've put out has meant so much to us for varying reasons. Starting with the valentine's day collection, that one was special simply because it was our very first one. Our next one, the pink lemonade collection was special because it really showcased our talents but most importantly, our purpose. Here at pink plastic, we strive to not only make fun, girly and eccentric clothing, we strive to make sure that every woman feels represented by our brand. We're very inclusive and we make it a point to cater to every skin tone, body shape, race, and size. That is what pink lemonade did for us. That collection was our baby. The photos went viral and it was the one that really got us out there, and from then on we put our hearts and souls into giving you guys nothing but the best visuals we could possibly get. Then, our satin collection was special because we had the opportunity to play around with our maturity a bit here. We went from a cute, adorable girl mob to sophisticated young ladies. This shoot was so dreamy and created this elegant world that totally transitioned us into a more mature crowd. We didn't want our grown and sexy customers to feel left out either.

Next up was our faux fur collection, which ironically was one we didn't even really plan on putting out at first if we're going to be honest with you guys. It was just a simple idea, like, "oh we need to put these coats out" and then we planned the shoot for the next week, literally. In our minds, we figured that since this shoot was smaller than our previous ones (we had like 20 girls for pink lemonade! And 10 for satin!) That we shouldn't make that big of a fuss over it, considering we only had 4 models this time around. We rented a motel simply for the convenience of having a close enough place to change and do makeup in, but then.... While we were actually shooting.... Wow. Just wow. We were completelyyy blown away. Everything was infinitely so much better than we had expected. We ended up shooting at the motel more than any of the previously chosen locations, and every single thing was onnnnn point. It wasn't even intentional, but our 4 girls ended up looking like a bad ass girl gang. I'm talking like, sailor moon, power puff girls, the fantanas bad ass. Needless to say, this collection has a very special place in our hearts. It went viral online again, and i'd like to think that we played a heavy hand in sparking the girl-power, all-girl gang group. This shoot really empowered us and reassured us that we were definitely headed in the right direction as far as sending our message. So, here are the visuals, enjoy guys!