Fall '17: Clueless Collection.

I'd like to think that here at Pink Plastic, we're Clueless connoisseurs. From channeling Cher inspired outfits to quoting lines from the movie, we pretty much created our brand based off of this 90's aesthetic. Finally, we came out from a school girl collection featuring 19 colors of plaid and pleated skirts. Hope you guys enjoy!

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Winter '17: Faux Fur Collection

Every collection we've put out has meant so much to us for varying reasons. Starting with the Valentine's Day collection, that one was special simply because it was our very first one. Our next one, the Pink Lemonade collection was special because it really showcased our talents but most importantly, our purpose. Here at Pink Plastic, we strive to not only make fun, girly and eccentric clothing, we strive to make sure that every woman feels represented by our brand. We're very inclusive and we make it a point to cater to every skin tone, body shape, race, and size. That is what Pink Lemonade did for us. That collection was our baby. The photos went viral and it was the one that really got us out there, and from then on we put our hearts and souls into giving you guys nothing but the best visuals we could possibly get. Then, our Satin collection was special because we had the opportunity to play around with our maturity a bit here. We went from a cute, adorable girl mob to sophisticated young ladies. This shoot was so dreamy and created this elegant world that totally transitioned us into a more mature crowd. We didn't want our grown and sexy customers to feel left out either.

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Fall '16: Satin Collection.

A big part of Pink Plastic that we really pride ourselves on, is how we really take the time to create a fantasy world for you guys to escape to. Realistically, a lot of the clothing we've put out so far isn't your normal everyday basic wear. It's for events, parties, birthdays, special occasions, or simply for the over-the-top girl who enjoys being extravagant every day of her life, just like us. Our pieces range from skin-tight nighttime dresses, to ostentatious garments adorned with feather plumes, to cutesy 2-pieces, to daring cheek baring thongkinis. We like to switch it up with every collection we put out just to have variety, and the Satin Collection was one of them. We still kept it fun, funky and cute, but we definitely wanted to attract a more mature crowd with this one. These pieces are so elegant, and our location for it was more than perfect to set the tone. Check it out guys!

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